★★13.04.28★★ Happy 25th Birthday to our beloved Leader Gyu!!! I hope you stay healthy and happy! May Father in Heaven always bless and lead your way in this life^^

Now that you’re 25, not only that you’re being older now, but more than that, there’ll be an even bigger responsibilities for you to take care of, both as Infinite’s leader and as Kim Sunggyu in real life. I know that it’s not an easy task, but I believe no I trust you, you are the best leader in this world and nothing would ever bring you down! :)

Kim Sunggyu for me is more than just an idol, you’re more like an inspiration, motivation, vitamin, and even moodbooster when I feel down and blue. There are just too many reasons why I love you. The more I know you, the more I feel myself fall even deeper in you.
You’re just too precious and I know this one tumblr birthday appreciation post would never be enough…. but still, this is the least I could do to show to you and other people how much I care, adore, and love you :””3

Once again, happy birthday Sunggyu oppa! I will always support and love you, infinitely

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